Macopin School hosted its 40th annual induction ceremony for the Thomas A. Kraft Chapter of the National Junior Honor Society. Sixty-three students were inducted into this distinguished organization which Macopin School began in 1977.

The purpose of the National Junior Honor Society is to promote high academic standards, to create a desire to serve the school and community, to develop character, and to encourage citizenship. Selection, therefore, is based on scholarship, leadership, service, character, and citizenship.

Scholastically, a student qualifies for the NJHS if he/she has maintained a cumulative GPA of 3.75 or better in the seventh and eighth grades. To determine if the students who qualify academically also fulfill the character, leadership and citizenship requirements, each student’s disciplinary record is reviewed, and faculty members are asked to comment on the student’s behavior with regard to leadership, honesty, cooperation, reliability, and ethics.

Candidates are also required to complete a survey sheet in which they indicate their involvement in school and community activities and services during seventh and eighth grades. A letter of recommendation from an individual in the community is also part of the evaluation process.

The administration and staff of Macopin School congratulates the following group of eighth graders for their exemplary performance in the areas of scholarship, leadership and citizenship here at Macopin Middle School, and in their community:

Maria Abelev

Mahdi Alidina

Molly Babbitt

Kaitlyn Borer

Jessica Brigante

Jeremy Bryjak

Abigail Budd

Amanda Burns

Olivia Byrnes

Hope Callamari

Nicolette Carpenter

Ryan Cassels

Sarah Chandler

Connor Choma

Matthew Christ

Valery Cintron

Collin Clinton

Ryan Cooper

Cynthia Dreps

Amanda Finke

Delanie Garzon

Jocelyn Geisel

Sean Gelacio

Caitlin Geniuk

Amanda Gerold

Emily Ginder

Melissa Gray

Skylar Greenberg

Alyssa Gunning

Natalie Hamblin

Brianna Hazen

Brett Huber

David Jagiello

Alyssa Keyser

Rehna Khan

Riley Knight

Riley Lane

Melissa LaPointe

Jessica Lucas

Maddox Maiello

Aksel Malatak

Madison Maver

Rory McCormick

Caitlyn McNally

Matthew Molan

Hailey Morrell

Sean O'Neill

Micheal Pagano

Sean Partington

Christian Patton

Leah Payne

Julia Radwan

April Roccisano

Ashley Santangelo

John Setford

Kayla Sierra

Jordan Spencer

Allison Stanich

Skye Summers

Ryan Thenell

Erin Timmins

Kate Vreeland

Veronika Waltner