Let's be consistent in the current drive to take down monuments of historical figures who are "controversial."

Some "inconvenient history" is in order I believe. Statues of Union Army generals should go as well as Confederate ones. After crushing Southern independence many of these Union generals went West and were complicit in the near wiping out of Native Americans, General Philip Sheridan was fond of saying that the "best Indian is a dead Indian." How's that for a racist viewpoint? What about old "Honest Abe" himself? Lincoln was against interracial marriage, didn't want blacks voting, serving on juries or owning property, In fact, he favored forced repatriation of blacks back to Africa,

David Duke would be on board with that had he been around in the 1850s and 1860s! We also have that darling of Liberal Progressives, Woodrow Wilson who showed the pro-Klan silent movie "Birth of a Nation" at the White House when he was president,

How many streets, bridges, schools and parks are named after Wilson? Last but not least, why is the FBI building in Washington named after J. Edgar Hoover who made no secret of his condescending views towards minorities and who spied on anyone who was on his enemies list, like Martin Luther King or John Lennon? The FBI itself is an unconstitutional entity,

Our republic made it from 1787 to 1924 without one, America doesn't need its version of the Gestapo or KGB spying on anyone regardless of their political and ideological beliefs.

The whole idea of monuments to political or military leaders smacks of statist idolatry that really has no place in a country based on individual liberty. If you find it necessary to revere something, this Libertarian would suggest The Bill of Rights!

Mark Richards

West Milford