To the editor:

We are responding to your news article in the Sept. 8 edition announcing, “West Milford GOP replaces town council candidate.” Just so you are clear, we are running as Independents for township council.

Voters will not find us on Row B with the Democratic candidates for governor, state Senate and Assembly, and Passaic County Freeholders. This was our decision.

We both agreed that the West Milford council election should only be about West Milford. Our campaign tag line is “Common Sense Solutions” because if elected, we will seek opinions from across the political spectrum prior to making decisions that affect our quality of life in West Milford.

We may ruffle some feathers in Paterson and Trenton, but so be it. Our loyalty is to the residents of West Milford, not to a political party boss.

Robert Nolan

West Milford

Christopher Garcia