Dale makes her case to be mayor

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To the Editor:

I am both honored and humbled to be the West Milford Republican Organization nominee for Mayor of our Township.

West Milford is in dire need of sound leadership focusing on our municipal budget, quality public services, transparency, and regularly listening to you, the taxpayer.

I have lived in West Milford for 44 years, I graduated from West Milford schools, and I am proud to raise my young son here.

As an experienced corporate executive and a mother, I have the ideal skillset to lead our Township, unlock our community’s potential, and bring responsible representation to West Milford.

I am running for Mayor to finally bring fiscal responsibility to the township.

I proudly served three years on the Township Council where I worked to bring meaningful change to the way West Milford Township was managed.

Since then, I have spoken with so many residents who are fed up with the way our township was, and is currently, being managed.

I’ve listened, and can sit idle no more.

Citing a recently published $65,000 Township efficiency study, paid for by us, the taxpayers; our township has an incredible amount of work to do.

The study pinpointed the very same things I had identified years ago and tried to address while on the council.

Unfortunately, my findings were dismissed and the practices of responsible budgeting, forecasting, as well as delivering essential public services were both ignored and neglected.

As a result, it has cost our taxpayers, and unless addressed properly, is certain to only get worse.

This sort of management and leadership stops now.

I have exactly what it takes to revamp, revitalize and take our community to the next level.

I pride myself on being a dynamic, results-driven professional with in-depth business acumen.

As your next mayor, my priorities will be the following:

Efficient Municipal Budgeting: I have a proven record of taking a collaborative and inclusive approach to every issue.

And, I do not shy away from hard work.

I believe in taking a systematic and well-outlined approach to budgeting.

Every day I manage multi-million dollar accounts and I am prepared to apply this expertise to systematically analyze our budget, identify potential savings for the township, and responsibly plan for West Milford’s long-term future.

Effective Communication: I plan to engage with residents in a productive way, hoping, as your mayor, to host “town hall” meetings where I can talk with you one-on-one and listen to what the people want.

I am honest and will always give you a straight answer.

I am a resident and neighbor who wants to work with you to foster effective change in how we manage our local government.

Making Tough Decisions: As the efficiency study clearly shows, the council has neglected to make the difficult decisions to tackle the problems facing our town.

They have taken the irresponsible practice of kicking the can down the road and not investing in the town infrastructure, thus costing you more money in the long-run as well as not delivering the services your tax dollars are meant to fund.

We can no longer neglect necessary investments in our township.

I will look at every comment in that efficiency audit and work to develop long-term plans to address our Township’s deficiencies.

Continuing the Fight: Every West Milford resident knows and understands the unfair burden that is placed on us because of the Highlands Act and the Newark Watershed tax structure.

I am proud that the council has continued to advance the tax-reduction bill I first championed alongside State senators Pennacchio and Smith while serving on the council.

I am committed to stand with our council and support them as we continue to do everything in our power to fight for the equity and tax relief that we deserve.

I have the experience and tenacity to speak to large groups, testify on behalf of the town and continue to fight so our voices are heard.

As your Republican mayoral candidate, my message is clear, no more games, it is time to roll up our sleeves and produce results for the people of West Milford Township.

You deserve the best community possible and I am here to deliver just that.

Vote Michele Dale for Mayor on Tuesday, Nov. 6, and join me in bringing responsible representation to West Milford Township.

Michele Dale

GOP mayoral candidate

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